Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Celebrity

My husband is right in the middle of changing jobs, sort of. He has been working as a technician (mechanic) for Saturn of Henderson for the past 4 years and they are closing. As I'm sure you've heard, Saturn is no longer. The dealership is owned by Findlay and because he is SO good at what he does, they are transferring him to Findlay Chevy on 215 and Rainbow. There were 12 technicians at Saturn and they are only taking 3 over to Chevy.

This is a good thing for several reasons. One, he won't have to drive to Henderson everyday! Woo hoo for saving on gas! Chevy is WAY close to our house! Two, he has been wanting to work there since they opened. It is like his dream of dreams job. Since Saturn is closing and there are still many Saturns on the road, the 3 that are being transferred will still be "Saturn" technicians. Shane is hoping that after a while, he will be able to work on Chevys too. (Both are the GM brand and he is certified to work on any GM but he's not sure how the "Chevy" technicians will feel about them taking over.)

He is hoping when he moves there; his first day is Thursday, April 1st; that he will be as busy as he was at Saturn (he is paid on a straight commission basis). For example: if he does a transmission job and Saturn pays him 20 hours to do it and he gets it done in 2 hours, he still gets paid for the 20 hours, times his hourly wage. So he has the ability to make a great deal more than he actually works. I think his highest paycheck to date was something past the 300 hour range (over a 2 week period, working only 90 hours.) He has so much motivation and loves his job so much I really can't see there being an issue.

I tell him all the time how lucky he is to love what he does for a living. There are very few people in this world who have that same feeling. I am so proud of him and everything that he has done for himself and our little (expanding) family. And every day I tell myself how lucky I am to have such a motivated, loving, caring, husband.

Here is the picture from the article. His eyes are closed, of course! They are supposed to be pointing to the "future" at Chevy but to me, it just looks silly!

Here is the link to the full article. My celebrity. <3


  1. So happy you are happy, So happy Shane is happy. so happy I am happy to be an almost Great-grandma! Hi, Ally, how's things going in there?

  2. Thanks Grandma! Ally is doing good! Moving A LOT and actually starting to kick a bit! I wonder if this means she is going to be a hyper child???