Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We got Ally's ear's pierced. A few people were telling us not to but we did it anyway. I never had mine done when I was little and it scarred me.. I was 23 years old and still hadn't had them done because I was too scared. What girl doesn't want their ear pierced? We did it now while she is young so she wouldn't mess with them while they were healing and so far, they have been perfect. She looks so cute with them! I have zero regrets! : )

Halloween 2010

Halloween! Ally girl was a bumble bee which was sooo cute! We went over to Shane's dad's house and hung out there for a while. We went trick-or-treating with Sarah and Cristine. Ally slept the whole time in my arms. It was pretty uneventful which was nice. I can't WAIT for next year when she's older! I'm already thinking of what she's going to dress up as!