Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy Babies'R'Us!

I finally registered for my baby shower yesterday. I say "finally" because all of the women on my pregnancy forum have been done for weeks. I have no idea why because their showers will be around the same time as mine (end of June) and I felt out of the loop. Apparently everyone wants to be ahead of the game. Usually I'm one of those people but because I have no idea what I'm doing, it's taking me a while to get motivated. Plus I've been on Spring Break for a week and have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.

That being said, I feel so relieved! Not that I've actually purchased anything but just getting an idea of what I need is calming. I registered at Babies'R'Us online because going into that store right now makes me anxious. There are thousands and thousands of items and it's so overwhelming.

After a review by Shannan and my mom, I think I have everything covered! Here's the problem... I need so much stuff! And I'm not talking the diaper genie, bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, baby wipe warmer... I'm talking about the basic necessities! I'm hoping that the people attending the baby shower will not ignore the registry just to buy "cute newborn outfits" that Ally will probably be able to wear once and grow out of... Maybe I could put something on the invitation like, "necessities only".... No?

Speaking of "cute newborn outfits", my sister-in-law came over the other day with some really cute outfits for Ally! Note: these outfits are NOT newborn because she is a smart cookie!

So cute, right?!?! She is going to be the BEST Auntie ever! Sorry about the pictures... I was taking them quick on my phone to show my mom and was too lazy to take better ones. Also, I have NO idea why the layout of the pictures is so messed up but I can't figure out how to fix them... Why is blogger being so difficult today??

If you want to take a peek at my registry, here's the link: (If you notice something I'm missing, send me a comment! Thanks!)

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  1. Just keep the tags on everything that you don't need/want and babies 'r us will give you a store credit on a gift card and you can go back and use the money for things that you actually need. Same thing with target. =)