Sunday, January 30, 2011

REAL Food!

We've officially started Ally on solid foods! It's such a milestone! She is doing so well with it too. She was a bit confused the first time but got the hang of it quickly. She's just like her Mommy in that sense apparently. We started with Sweet Potatoes and she loved them! She has tried just about all of the jarred food now and seems to enjoy bananas and sweet potatoes the most. The only thing she spits out is green beans but as my sitter puts it (and puts it well I might add) "She's only 5 months old! She doesn't have the luxury of being picky!" So we will keep trying. If there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that she is NOT going to end up a picky eater like me. I will go to great lengths to ensure that!

Her formula is still her primary source of nutrition so for right now, she is only eating a little bit of "real food". In the morning after her bottle, we give her a small amount of oatmeal and mix in some kind of fruit then in the afternoon about an hour before her last bottle, she will eat vegetables. It is so much more fun to feed her with a spoon than with a bottle!

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